Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Catrins would be Proud

I got invited to go shooting this weekend, and loved it.  I haven’t been shooting since we went in Manila back in the day.

This one was my favorite gun.  It sounded like I was shooting a flare.  It was very satisfying.


They had targets set up everywhere, like clay pigeons, milk jugs, and this TV.  The TV got destroyed, which was pretty cool.  


Cody has this huge gun.  I don’t remember what it was called, because I know almost nothing about guns, but it had a scope and a flashlight and a laser beam and everyone was awed by it, so I assume it was an awesome gun.

This picture is of me holding that gun left-handed, because it looked cooler. But I really did shoot it.


And lastly, I was watching Tom and Cody try to shoot the clay pigeons in the air.  They kept offering the gun to me, but I didn’t want to try it because I knew there was no way I was actually going to hit one of them.  But I finally conceded.
Beginner’s luck is a true thing folks.  I hit one the first try.
And then I missed the next five. 
I forgot the whole “quit while you’re ahead” theory.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Belt Flip

For “home evening” (we’re not allowed to call it Family Home Evening or FHE anymore) this last week, our “group leaders” (we’re not allowed to call them Mom or Dad anymore) combined with two other groups to learn how to country dance!

It was awesome.  I wasn’t very good, but that’s okay.  The only problem was that eventually, everyone started doing tricks, which was great, except that I’m to big to do most the tricks!!

Except for one.  And I convinced Winston to do it with me.

That was our last and best attempt.  After that, the group leaders wouldn’t let us do it anymore (the first couple attempts were pretty hairy).

Enjoy.  Rock on.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yes, I swallowed a Goldfish

I promise it wasn’t that gross, although it might not seem so.

It’s like eating sushi! And it felt like swallowing a Vitamin C or something.  And I wasn’t the only one either.  Probably five or six people did it in all.

Why? On Saturday our stake had a Luau and each ward was in charge of an activity.  Our ward had about 100 TINY goldfish (the kind you feel to other fish) and they would put probably 10 at a time in a kiddie pool.  You had to scoop them out without using the walls or bottom.  After you caught one, you could take it home or eat it!  The activities chair in my ward assured me it was safe, and I decided to do it.  Why? Because how many people can say they swallowed a goldfish.

But no one got a good picture.  This one is right after I did it the first time.  I look like this because we were supposed to dress at Tacky Tourists.


This is the activities chair, Cody, and yes, that is a fish coming out of his mouth.  He let it swim around in his mouth for awhile before spitting it back out. 


This is the only other picture I got.  Sorry it’s so white, but that’s a fish on my tongue.  I let this one back out after this picture, I promise.


I saw one of the girls I TA for, and convinced her to do it too!

‘Course, when I didn’t show up to church the next day (cousin’s farewell), I got a bunch of inquiries about my health.  Apparently the fish eating was the talk of church.
There go all my dating opportunities this semester!  ;)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011


I got to go to Rexburg last weekend! I had never been, and honestly didn’t feel like I had ever really missed out (sorry Natalie!), but I was excited to go and have an adventure.  The trip was organized by the La Casa guys: Cody, Tom, and Logan.  Lisa and Rachael also went. 

I had such a great weekend! Idaho is beautiful! It was such a different experience than being down in Provo, and I loved it! I think I would really like to spend a summer up there. Just maybe not all year. It’s just nice to be in a small town for a couple days.

We went cross-country skiing, which was really great. I had heard that it was really difficult, but we must have picked an easy trail, because I didn’t think it was that bad. It was really cool to be in the middle of nowhere with snow covering everything! Somehow we ended up skiing for 5 or 6 hours though, and that was a little long. I’d definitely do it again!

Rachael's Card

After skiing, we were pretty tired and couldn’t wait to go the Big Judd’s and eat some hamburgers. Big Judd’s is famous for it’s huge burgers and if you eat the whole thing, you get your picture on the wall. I got one, fully intending to only eat half of it and save the rest for later, but about halfway through, I decided to just eat the whole thing so that I could say I did it and never have to do it again. (I did WAY better than the boys. They could barely finish. The trick it to cut it up and not try to eat the whole thing at the same time or it looks absolutely disgusting.)
The picture on the right is the one that will be on the wall.

Blog Photos

We were going to go to a bonfire that night, but all of us were way too tired, and we watched 21 instead, which was great the first 4/8ths and the last 1/8th.  :)


Sunday we went to Cody’s sister’s ward.  My favorite part of going to church was that when we were sitting on the front row during Sacrament Meeting (all three guys had been asked to pass the Sacrament) and the Bishopric spent a good part of the meeting looking at our group and flipping through their ward directory, trying to find our pictures.  :)

We made spaghetti together at the cabin that the guys were staying at (I never realized before how gross angel hair pasta is) and then I was taught how to play Rook, which is fantastic, so now I can use my Rook cards for their intended purpose!


Monday we drove home.
And we beat the odds; we never got pulled over!

These are pictures from Sunday and Monday.

Rachael's Card1

The group: Christina, Lisa, Rachael, Cody, Tom, and Logan


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Funny Sights, Awkward Stares

Last night was “Getcho Calling Night” as I affectionately call it.  I arrived a good hour and a half before my appointment because I love calling night and meeting new people in the ward.  I didn’t really meet anyone new this time, but I’m really glad that I was there the whole time because we all watched the BYU basketball game.   Everyone was really into the game. 
One of our Bishopric counselors kept sneaking a few seconds of watching time in between each appointment.

Also, today I was walking home after parking the car near Provo High for Jamie and saw this:

P1030360  P1030361 People will do anything for parking spots…

And now for the awkward story
Last night I stopped by my apartment to drop some stuff off before heading over to calling night and my roommate was talking to a guy in the apartment that looked vaguely familiar.  I forgot about it until this morning when I walked into Psych Stress and saw the same guy!  I was positive it was the same person, so I figured out the funniest way I could approach the subject- being blunt.

Chrissy: Hey! You were at my house last night!
(laughter from the 10 people in the class so far)
Guy: I was??
CHrissy: Yeah! Talking to my roommate.
Guy: Um. I don’t think so…
(everyone laughs. my cue to feel awkward, apologize and leave. i don’t.)
Chrissy: Really? Well, then you have a twin. Because someone who looks just like you was talking to my roommate Jessica last night…
Girl sitting behind Guy: (laughs) does your wife know about this?
Guy: (laughing) Well, I did spend the entire evening with my wife…
(Chrissy realizes her super awkward mistake and manages to make the situation far less awkward than it could have been, but will probably freak this guy out for the rest of the semester.)

Smooth one.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Reduce Stress

Look at this picture.

Rollar Coaster

I knew I was going to like Stress Psych.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Stress Psychobiology

School starts tomorrow! I only have one class tomorrow, and that’s the one that I’m looking forward to most: Stress Psychobiology. It’s supposed to be a continuation of Behavioral Neurobiology, and if you were around me at all last semester, you know that I loved that class.

The book we were assigned to get is entitled “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers.”  It has pretty good reviews, and I can’t help but think I’m really going to enjoy it based on the cover.


This will be my hardest class. I cannot wait.


On another note, today on our flight, Jamie and I (and the pilot we were sitting next to) (and like ten other people on the flight) played trivia on our little personal TV things we got. Jamie put her name as “BYU” so I put mine as “UOFU.”

I won. Uh oh.  :)