Saturday, April 23, 2011


Did I ever mention that Kate and I went to see Tangled twice in two days?
One Friday, Kate and I were both dateless on one Friday night, and so we decided to go on a night hike. We went above the temple. It wasn’t that dark when we started out. These pictures make it seem like it was a lot darker than it really was. Don’t worry mom!
Afterwards, we wanted to watch a movie.  We were deciding on a good one, and then both had a crazy urge to go see Tangled. We checked the Provo dollar theatre, and of course it was all sold out. We were pretty disappointed, but the idea of seeing Tangled had now overwhelmed us. Like Inception.
So we went up to Sandy.
Sandy Ticket
We thought it would be sold out up there too, so we ordered them online at Fandango. 
It wasn’t necessary.  There were like 20 people in the theatre. It was a pretty ghetto theatre.
We LOVED it.  The whole way home we couldn’t stop talking about it.  We were glad that we had a half hour drive so that we could cover every single one of our favorite parts. 
Somewhere in that drive home we started reminicsing about Au Pair.  Remember that ABC Family Original Movie?  We had the strongest desire to watch it.  So even though it was about midnight, we found it on Youtube and watched it. 
Au Pair
What a great cheesy movie.
The next day, we still just wanted to talk about it the whole day.  We talked about it so much that Jessica and Bobby decided to go see it that night.  We went to the PowderPuff game, and then decided to go see it again that night.  We got a few more people to come see it with us, and bought more tickets off of Fandango.
This story gets funny, I promise.
After we bought tickets, we went over to La Casa to watch the BYU Basketball game.  While there, we bragged that we were going to go see it in 3D that night, and a bunch of people wanted to come.  They looked on someone’s phone to buy tickets from Fandango, and this is the conversation that followed:
Jon: It’s the 9:35 showing right?
Christina: No, the 9:40 showing
Jon: There is no 9:40 showing.
Christina: Yes, there is. I remember because we checked it twice.
Jon: Well, it doesn’t have one listed. Look.
I look. He’s right.
Jon: Maybe you should check your confirmation.
I check, and see this:
New Mexico Ticket
You see the error? I’ll make it bigger.
New Mexico Ticket-1
Apparently there are two Cinemark Movies 8 dollar theatres that exist.  I had bought five tickets to the showing in Albuquerque.
We were all laughing pretty hard.  Luckily, the story ends well. I called the two theatres, and although it was sold out, they told me that if I brought the confirmation, they would let us in.
And it was worth it. I liked 2D better than 3D, but that’s just me.

My favorite quotes:
Flynn Rider: I could get used to a view like this. Yep, I'm used to it. Guys I want a castle.
Flynn Rider: You know, I can't help but notice you seem a little at war with yourself here... I mean, I’ve jut picked up little pieces here and there: overprotective mother, forbidden road trip…

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pudding Poster

I know that we look rather evil in these pictures, but I thought I’d share them anyway. 

After the priesthood session of General Conference, I went on a date with my friend Cody.  We went to Zupas, which I had never been to before. It was really good. The mango salad was amazing and so was my sandwich, which was something ham related.

Afterwards, we went back to La Casa and made a painting out of pudding.

This is Cody fixing his flowers. He’s in floral design this semester, and was unhappy because his flowers were wilting. Haha.


This is the poster we made.  It’s a country scene.  We thought we did a pretty good job with the horse and the dead tree. We used three different kinds of pudding: banana, pistachio, and butterscotch.


We left it on the table in the middle of the Terrace so that everyone could enjoy it as much as we did.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hare Krishna

Hare Krishna. What a great tradition. If this was near any other college in the US, it would be party town USA. Not that it wasn’t here, but we do things a little differently. Obviously.



Andrea and I got smashed when trying to buy the chalk. P1190053


About midway through I insisted that we take a group picture before the giant chalk throwing. Good thing too. We actually look decent in this picture, unlike every single picture taken after the throwing, in which we all look disgusting.P1190060

Me, Kate, Zach, Mckenna, Lucy, Brett, Nate, and Andrea

P1190063 P1190064


I also saw Logan and Rachael there, so that was fun.



I didn’t take a picture afterwards, but here’s one someone else took. We look good eh?


And just for the record, I had pink streaks in my hair for about three days.  My ears were a little longer, and didn’t look nearly as cool.  :)