Thursday, June 24, 2010

Constant Weather is Overrated Anyway, Utah

Cloudy with large thunderstorms and heat waves in between.

Yes, Utah, what is going on with you? So hot one day, and then the next, thunderstorms and hard rain?

It’s like Seattle weather on illegal drugs.

Anyway, it’s actually pretty interesting! It was thundering a lot last week, and there was one huge lightening storm up north one night. TWICE I went bike riding when it was perfectly good weather and then it poured on me.
We were all nervous because Geoff’s marathon was on Saturday, and the forecast showed that it was going to rain. We really hoped the weather was going to be good for his marathon, since he really wanted to qualify for Boston, but rain it did!


This is us helping him. Jeff wanted to run with the chocolate milk.


Geoff and Dan after he qualified.

After we went to the Pizza Pie Cafe and then Jeff and I decided to go biking in the pouring rain. Jeff didn’t want to get wet (he’s from California folks) so he created a dress out of trash bags.



Then we went swimming. It was suprisingly warm water! I guess it’s the contrast principle at work.  :)

The next Friday Jeff came up with us to Aunt Marcia’s before we left the next morning. Jeff got along great with Einstein.



We played hide and seek. Jeff fell out of the tree and scraped up his arms pretty bad. He probably fell from about 10-15 feet up. It was pretty scary, and funny.




We left the next day. I like the drive back to Washington because it’s so pretty in Oregon and Washington. It was long, but nice to cut off those two hours by going up to Marcia’s the night before.




See if you can find the moose in the last picture.  :)

Jonathan was so excited to see us, it was nice.  :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kara: 24!

It’s my sister’s birthday today!

I absolutely love my oldest sister. She is so much fun. Kara is super witty. She makes the funniest comments. And the weirdest ones. Yesterday I asked her what I should do for a date with Jeff, and she told me that we should dress up as Michelle and Barack Obama and drive around Provo in a limousine and see who we can fool. Haha.

Kara birthday, concerts, marks game 059

Kara birthday, concerts, marks game 071

Kara is always up for doing just about anything. Whenever we hang out as a family, someone will say “hey, I want to _______” and Kara will automatically reply “Oh! I want to do that too!”. She loves being around her family, and would much rather do something with them than by herself or something. Even when we were in Moab, and a lot of us were in the hot tub, and Kara couldn’t go in it because of baby sister, she still sat outside near the hot tub so that she could be around the family.

 Kara's date with Mark 006 

Kara is the oldest sister, and because of that, she always has to be the guinea pig. She was the first to start dating, the first to go to college, to get married, to have a baby, to move away from the family etc… Out of the four of us, she was definitely placed first for a reason. Kara is the most patient, the most calm and rational, and a great decision maker. She has always been obedient to our parents when we were growing up, and she has always strictly followed the commandments. She has been the greatest example to us, and we have all followed in her footsteps (Terrace 4 until we die!).



Besides my own mother, Kara is the best mom I know of, which is really reassuring considering I will look from her example to raise my own children. I don’t know how much she expected before she had Jonathan, but it seemed that she just knew right away what to do to be an excellent mother to him. She was humble and followed the doctor’s orders and recommendations exactly. She was super regular about Jonathan’s shoes and bar, which I’m not sure I could do. She teaches Jonathan to absolutely love learning. As someone who has studied child development a lot, I really appreciate what Kara does to help Jonathan grow into a socially competent individual. I can’t believe how much he knows and can speak and sign. He’s such a smart kid. I’ll always remember when we were driving through Arches National Park and you started explaining to Jonathan how canyons are formed. I thought that was crazy! Of course he’s not going to understand that! But then I realized that was why Jonathan was so intelligent- because you don’t treat him like some baby who doesn’t know anything, but as a child who is actively learning.



Kara, you are so much fun on your birthdays, and leading up to them. I always look forward to your birthdays. Much more than my own. I wish I could be there to celebrate this day with you and I am so excited to see you next week.




I love you!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Almost Victorious

Our ward does intramural teams every semester, and our ward is Not known for our skills in those sports. Somehow we always lose. It is quite sad. This spring, however, our kickball team was awesome. Here’s why:

1. You can have almost 18 people on a roster, in hopes that 8 or 10 will actually come. We had between 12 and 15 people coming every single game!  Although that made it so we sat out a lot of the time, I just think it was awesome that everyone would come. SO much better than trying desperately to scrape a team together when it’s five minutes to the game and only 3 people are there…

2. Our ward is super awesome, and we always had between 10 and 15 fans, and with the people sitting out during different innings, it looked like we would have 30 fans! Our ward is funny because we always have a big line of lawn chairs at the game.



3. We actually turned out to be good! We made it all the way through the tournament, and unfortunately lost the championship game, but ah well. We got Second Place! Not that anyone cares about second place, but it’s the farthest our ward has gotten in a really long time.
We lost, as Callie calls it, “the elusive shirt” again. Maybe next year!

P1010949 The Team.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jeff vs. Train

On Friday I took Jeff to the airport. When we got there, we learned that his flight had been delayed, so we went to get ice cream. As we were trying to find our way back to the freeway, we got stopped by a train. Jeff and I disagreed about how fast the train was going, and whether or not someone could run faster than it.

So of course, I goaded him into getting out of the car and racing it.

Did you notice how many times I say “go”? Ay ay.

Anyway, soon after this, the last train just stopped in the middle of the road. So Jeff got off the street and drove around trying to find a way to get to the other side. After about 5 minutes of that, we came back to this street and waited for another couple minutes until it left.

It was very funny. To me.  :)