Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wasabi Seattle!

Sometimes I forget how much I love Seattle, and then I'm reminded when i get here.

I got to come home this weekend due to Legally Blonde the Musical being in town and my friend Jeanelle's awesome graduation present!

I'm having a lot of fun hanging out with my parents and my doggy, Gypsy.

My poor dad broke his finger. Isn't this crazy!

This mornin Mom and Jeanelle took me to the bakery in Black Diamond. It was so delicious. The view from the bakery was an awesome view of Mt. Rainier.

It's so green here. Although Utah skies are a million times better than Seattle skies the majority of the time, Seattle kills Utah in just about everything else.

The view from the bakery.

We go to see Legally Blonde tonight! I am so excited!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

When we went to Salt Lake City

Once upon a time, BYU students, and the rest of the nation had a day off of school. In the afternoon, two of those students, to be referred to as Jeff and Christina, were bored in the afternoon and realized they had two choices.

1. Do homework
2. Go on an adventure.

They realized this was the last day off until April or something, so they decided to go on an adventure.

They brainstormed.


Jeff hadn’t seen the Joseph Smith movie since his mission trip, so he really wanted to go there.
On the way there, Christina called her mom to see if her Grandpa or Grandma were in Salt Lake so they could park there.
Christina’s Mom told Christina to take pictures, but she knew she might forget, so Christina’s mom talked to Jeff as well, and he promised  he wouldn’t forget.

They went and saw the Joseph Smith movie. But hey look! They even had time to take a picture by the Christus statue!


After the movie, they went and visited Christina’s grandpa, who just happens to be in American politics. So they thought it would be fitting to take a picture by the American flag.


Then they took a picture by the temple. Unfortunately, it was too dark to see anything in the background. But trust me, there’s a temple somewhere in the background of that shot.


Then they almost died. Cause of near-death: one-way streets.

Then they went home.

The End!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best Valentine Ever

So a couple weeks ago our ward did a speed dating activity. There were about 30 girls and 15 guys. Tera and I chose the worst possible seats, and ended up only talking to about three guys the whole night. One of them wasn't even in the ward, but came because he felt sorry for us since there were so few guys.
At the end, he came back to Tera and I and said we were the coolest girls he had talked to that night. He then announced that he was in an a cappella group that sang to girls and asked if he and his group could come and sing to our apartment on Valentine's day. He definitely liked Tera the most out of all the girls there. He got Tera's phone number and that was it.
Since then, Tera thought that he wrote the phone number down wrong because he called her after so that she would have his number and she said she never got a missed call. So we've been a little disappointed that it wouldn't happen.
As we were playing Nerts tonight with some people, she got the text! And lo, they came!
Here's a video of their second performance. The guy on the far right is the one who came speed dating. It was pretty awesome. I absolutely loved it! :)

Unfortunately, the video would not upload. I'll try and upload it later.

Valentine's Weekend Adventures

On Friday night, I went on a date with my friend Jeff. We went to Comedy Sportz. I thought it was hilarious. It was a improv group. Some of the things they did there were amazing. One of them was when one of the guys went outside the room, and we shouted out five things, like cliff jumping and cheerleading. Then we replaced some of those things with completely random things. For example, instead of jumping off a cliff, the cliff was now Oprah and the water was liquid chicken. Or instead of wearing the cheerleading outfit, they wore an elephant. The guy came in and his team had to act out all fifteen things. I couldn't believe that he got them all in like three minutes or something!Another funny one was when they had to act out a skit in one minute and then kept reducing the time in half, but they had to try and keep it the same skit. The whole thing was really funny and I laughed the whole time.
The funny thing is that I was supposed to go to Divine Comedy, and Jamie and her date were supposed to go sledding or something, but we both ended up going to Comedy Sportz, so that was pretty funny.
We went to Guru's for dinner, and that was delicious and then went back and watched the end of the Opening Ceremony!

On Saturday, I went and helped a kid in my ward make a movie to apply for the film program. I was a girlfriend who was being broken up with and I had to poison the guy's water bottle. I don't think I was very good, so I hope I didn't ruin his chances of being in the program.
In the afternoon, I went on a date with Matt, a boy in my ward. It was a huge date with 8 couples and it was Olympic themed, so each couple had a country. Matt and I were the USA. Yes! We went to the RB and played broom hockey and volleyball, where we did four couples/ four couples. It was the east vs. west hemispheres. The west dominated at everything. There was only one game where we all played against each other. We had a chair and we could put it anywhere in the room and then we had to stand back-to-back with our partner and link arms. There was a huge ball and the object of the game was to hit other people's chairs so they would be out. Matt and my strategy was to put our chair in the corner and let other people forget about us and kill each other instead. Not exactly representative of the United States but... ;) It worked! We were automatically in the top three without even moving! Then we went out and finished off the last two. So we won the Olympics. woot. After, we did Ice Cream sculpting! :)
That night, I went on a triple date. I asked James Rose, since he was down from BYU-I for the weekend. Sean went with Melissa from Kent Stake and Derek went with Sarah from Kent Stake too. Sarah and Melissa were both on my club volleyball teams for a couple years. We all went to the Nickelcade, and that was a lot of fun. We spent probably close to an hour and a half there, and it really wasn't that crowded, although it looked super crowded. When we were inserting our tickets won, we were behind this family that got 3000 tickets. James and I only got 228, so we each got a toy car and 5 army men. haha.

The Dates.
The Providers.

This morning I made cinnamon rolls for my apartment. Why have I been making these from scratch?? They are delicious from a can. You have to buy them on sale though :)

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

New Blog

I have recently decided to start going by the name Christina instead of Chrissy. I've wanted to do that for some time, but have finally started actually trying to make the switch. This was prompted by being sustained in church by Chrissy instead of Christina. I hated that.
This includes changing my email, since my yahoo address included the name Chrissy in it. So i have made a new gmail account, but every time I want to get on someone's blog or update my own (yeah right) I have to keep signing into different accounts.
So I have made a new blog!
And I hope to actually update this one more often, especially since I can actually upload pictures onto my computer now.
Prepare yourself! I may be on the top half of your "recently updated blogs" list yet. ;)