Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Masterpiece Summer

The last few years, I’ve really developed a love for BBC’s Masterpiece Theater collection. This summer, I was able to rewatch some of my old favorites, and check out some new ones from the library. The ones I checked out were largely due to this trailer I found on YouTube as I was searching for a trailer to Bleak House.

I loved the music too, and ordered it off of iTunes. It continues to make me smile. Bleak House DVD

My family watched Bleak House (2005) together. We did this a couple of years ago when it first came out and was on TV. I remember complaining about watching it, because it was so long, but before long I was hooked. I just love how Charles Dickens was able to introduce tons of different characters that have personality and motives, even if only a few lines. I think this movie is amazing, but it takes awhile, being about 7 hours long.

North and South DVD

North and South (2004) I watched a total of 2 times, and I watched specific parts about 30 times in the length of my ownership as a library customer. It was really good. It was a little bit slow at times, but I found myself completely into the characters. Richard Armitage was amazing as the lead character. His face was so good.

Little Dorrit DVDLittle Dorrit (2008) took me a really long time to watch. It is not as good as Bleak House, but is far less dark than Bleak House. This one is far lighter. There’s not as much mystery or sadness, but it is very endearing. The lead character Claire Foy, was extremely good, and for all those Pride and Prejudice (2005) lovers, Matthew MacFadyen is the lead male, but far more likeable than his role as Mr. Darcy.

I tried to get Wives and Daughters (1999) and Cranford (2009), but I was not able to get them at the library. I hear they are amazing though.

My birthday list contained almost solely Masterpiece Theater movies. Here was my list:
1. Emma (2009)
2. Bleak House (2005)
3. The Elizabeth Gaskell Collection
(Cranford/ Wives and Daughters/ North and South)
4. Anne of Green Gables

I was spoiled and got them all!

Emma DVD

Elizabeth Gaskell DVD


Anne of Green Gables DVD

Callie also got me The Inheritance, which I’ve never seen, but looks really good!

The Inheritance DVD

Thank you Mom, Dad, Kara, Clark, Andrew, Callie and Jamie for some awesome movies! I cannot wait to watch them!

Now my Jane Austen collection is almost complete.  :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dad Found at Mosque Meeting

Dad tried to hide the fact that he was in New York at a meeting about whether to build a mosque near the 911 memorial.

But I found him. Thank you!

Can you find him?? :)