Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend!


This weekend was interesting. Late last week, we had many intramural games in our ward. Our ward is awesome because tons of people come to support every game for ward teams. The picture on the bottom right corner is at the soccer game and the one next to it is at the kickball game. The joke is that if you’re looking for our ward, just look for the line of lawn chairs. :)

I’m on the kickball team, and it was our first tournament game. We kicked the other team’s trash. We have two games tomorrow so that should be fun. We might get crushed. The problem is that you can have 15 people on the team, in hopes that 8 actually show up, but our team always have like 13. It’s great, but it means you only get to play every other inning or so.

Saturday morning Jeff and I went on a huge date with a ton of people in the ward. It was a scavenger hunt, but we were disqualified because Jeff saw one of his mission companions and so we were like 30 minutes late. Ah well.

Sunday Jamie and I had Callie and Andrew over for dinner since it was their last Sunday and we wanted to talk with them once more. It was really nice. It’s sad that they’re moving though.  :( 

This morning Jeff and I went running. It was really nice to go running so early and be up before practically everyone else in Provo, especially since it was a holiday. We were running by 7:15. Later, we went to the Pizza Pie Cafe. I think that’s the third time in the last two months. We love that place because it has really good salads and as much pizza as you want. There’s some cool kinds of pizza too.

I bought a bike! Some Mexican family had them out in their front yard for sale. They were asking 30 but Jeff talked them down to 20. So now I have a bike! I’m excited about it. We went up to the Y and biked around some of the trails on the mountains. You can see my new bike in the pictures above.  :)

And most importantly…


We’ve been watching The Trilogy. We watched The Fellowship on Friday, Two Towers on Saturday, and we started watching The Return of the King yesterday and watched more today. We still have an hour to go, so we can’t say we watched it all in one weekend, but we’ve gotten pretty close. I love those movies!

Hope your Memorial weekend was awesome!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Swimming at the Toolhouse

After the trek, I really just wanted to go swimming, since I felt all gross. Unfortunately, the Elms decided to redo their pool that weekend, so we couldn’t go swimming there. As a result, Jeff, Dan Nelson and I went to the pool at King Henry.

I have never seen that large of a tool concentration in my life. There were like 70 people out there on the pool deck, and not a single person was swimming. There were also probably twenty people piled in the hot tub, even though it was hot outside. All the guys were wearing baseball hats and shell necklaces and the girls were wearing huge earrings and tons of makeup. It was great.

So of course, we had a ton of fun swimming. We pretty much had the entire pool to ourselves. These are the pictures I took. I didn’t do any cool dives, but Jeff and Dan did some pretty cool ones.






We made a decision to go swimming every Saturday at different apartment complexes that have interesting reputations. It was a lot of fun.  :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


A tribute to Youtube.

I don’t spend all my time on youtube, really, but these are just awesome videos. And- two out of three of these were shown to me in classes or by friends. I strongly recommend you check them out!

This is the most amazing video I’ve ever seen

It’s definitely worth watching, or just watch part of it. Since I’ve been studying church history so much in the last year, this video blew my mind. I hope you enjoy it too.


If you want to watch a really funny video, I would recommend Julian Smith’s “Malk”. I laugh every single time I watch it. It gets kind of dumb in the second half, but the first 1:07 is awesome.  :)

Julian Smith has tons of videos on youtube. I also strongly recommend “Hot Kool Aid” but it’s not really funny until the second time you watch it.  :)

Lastly, we watched this video in Psychological Testing. I actually really enjoyed it. You’ll think it’s pretty boring for the first little bit, but it all comes together at the end.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010



Here is the group. :) Our ward had one of the biggest turn-outs. And even though we weren’t the biggest group…everyone knew who we were through our noise.


This was my Ma and Pa. Kyle and the kisser


My boys Mac, Scott Chris and Geoff. Good sturdy, handsome men.


Believe it or not, I actually did some work!


These boys were my life savers. They helped me SOOO much.


This was dinner. The boys did all the work for this. They did an awesome job too. Trek was awesome…more pictures to come.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jeanelle Shaw: My Best Friend and Second Mom

Happy Birthday Jeanelle/Sister Shaw!

You are amazing. I absolutely love you. We have had some great times together.


You are the most fun to play games with. I remember being a beehive and envying the Laurels so much when you were their leader because of all the fun you all were having playing games and such. I was really sad when you were called into Primary. Luckily, we still got to get together and play games all the time. So fun. Remember The Farming Game? Gift Trap? Settlers of Catan? Nerts? Mexican Train? Such fun games all the time! 


I love talking movies and entertainment with you. I think it’s so much fun to talk about who we like or don’t like on various TV shows or what books we love. It’s so much fun. You’re blog posts always make me smile.


Especially Biggest Loser. I love that you love that show as much as I do. I wish we could watch it together every week! We’ve been through Icky Vicky, terrible Heba, the awful knowledge that Rebecca and Daniel were dating, predicting game play, funny challenges, crazy weigh-ins etc together. and wasn’t it fun!?


Also Legally Blonde: The Musical. What a great play. Thank you so much for taking me to that for my graduation. It was such a fun time! I remember when we first watched that silly show. Who would've thought that we would love it as much as we do!?


Girl’s Camp! I loved Girl’s Camp every single year. Were you my leader for two or three years? I don’t remember. You were always my leader. You and my mom made that first year so memorable. My favorite year was definitely sixth though. I had so much fun. You were the best leader ever. Really. I cannot imagine a better girl’s camp experience.  :)




You have always been there for my sisters and I. You’ve been there to talk to, to laugh with. You are interesting in our troubles, our heartaches, our accomplishments. You are an amazing mom to us.


You are such an amazing woman! I love you!





Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom Rocks

My mom has the most fun.


My mom loves her children.


My mom stayed at home to take care of us even though she’s very talented.


My mom is the BEST seminary teacher.


My mom is the best sport (hint hint at this blog post!).  :)


My mom loves her grandchildren.


My mom is the coolest.


My mom is the best piano player.


My mom is a good driver.


My mom takes the best pictures.


My mom looks good in shades.


My mom taught me to love music.


My mom is fun to play games with.


My mom makes yummy food.


My mom is everyone’s friend.



My mom is the greatest.


I love you Mom!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

When I went to California

I found really cheap tickets to California when Jeff was out there for a week or two. So the next day, I boarded a plane and headed off to the sunshine and brown!

When i got there, I met his brother and mom and we went to the beach at his mom’s friend’s house. It was a private beach, which was nice because it was a really nice beach but no one was there.

P1010136 This is his brother, David.


On Saturday, Jeff and I went down to the beach by where he lives. Jeff lives less than 10 minutes away from the beach, which is really pretty. Helps my vendetta against Southern California a little bit.  :)





That night, his ward was having a talent show, so Jeff and I helped out with that. Two different groups did a dance to the Glee version of “Halo/Walking on Sunshine” so that was amusing.

On Sunday, we went to church and then in the evening, Jeff and I went to a place called Venice. I guess the beach is pretty famous, but we just went to the canals. The houses there were probably worth so much money. I thought it was really pretty there.





This is us on Santa Monica pier. Either the ocean or the pier is behind us- i forget.  :)

This is his mom and brother before we left for Provo.


We went and saw the Joseph Smith movie after, which was awesome, as usual. That movie is great, and I was really excited to see it after studying Joseph Smith in such detail this last semester.