Friday, April 13, 2012

Hunger Games

Oh the Hunger Games.  That seems so long ago!  All week was exciting.  Everyone was talking about it, changing their profile pictures to the movie poster, posting countdown, etc.  Or maybe that was just me.  :)

The day of, I made 1.5 more shirts but then ran out of gold paint.  My roommate Lindsey and I went to the distribution center and Joanne’s and I picked some more up.

At 7, Jeff and I headed over to the theater because we heard that people had been camping out.  I think that was a different theater, but it was probably good that we got there so early since we had such a huge group. The theater had 12 showings and so the lines were the 12 districts, which I thought was really clever. We were district 1, the luxury-making district.

Jeff helped me make the last shirt.  You can tell in the picture below which shirts I made by myself and which ones Jeff helped me with.  ;)


And then we waited there for a lot longer before anyone else showed up.  Some people showed up at 8:30 but most people showed up about 9:30 when we were let into the theater.

Going into the theater that early was nice because we could get our seats staked out right away, but they never really turned the lights all the way on so you couldn’t see well enough to play any games and it was too difficult to go outside and do things.  So it ended up being a pretty boring wait since all our plans were ruined.  The one good thing was that a couple girls from Jeff and Aaron’s ward brought some bows and arrows so we spent a fair amount of time playing shooting games.  I was surprised no one came in and stopped us.  I tried taking pictures but my flash was crazy bright and annoying everyone and then I realized that I had the camera on manual mode but I thought it was a different mode and so all the pictures are super blurry. Argh.  Still getting used to this thing.  So here are the crappy pictures of waiting.  We ended up having 26 people in our group!

Hunger Games-001  

I loved the movie.  I thought it was pretty much flawless, although other people didn’t think so.  I could understand people who were annoyed at the filming or whatever, but I couldn’t understand people who thought it was very different than the book.  They left almost nothing out and there just really isn’t a way to film Katniss’ inner thoughts!  I loved it though and had a great time!  Of course I was tired the next day, but I got over that quickly.  The worst part actually was having gold paint all over my hands for the next two days.


  1. You are so cute! That movie is still on my to-do list. I can't wait.

  2. You guys are so fun, way funner then when we went to the movie at a normal time...hahaha. Oh, the life of a college student! Enjoy and keep enjoying like you are! Love you!