Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Festival

I almost didn’t go this year.  I’ve been before, and when the day came around, I didn’t really care to go anywhere, much less when it was going to take hours and hours.

But go we did!  My friends were going and I didn’t want to miss out on anything, so Kate and I headed down there to meet up with some of our friends.  It didn’t even take hours!  The Benjamin exit is the key everyone!  We got great parking and there was no traffic. 

I didn’t take my camera into the event, and also decided that I had no desire to be caked this year, so I went up on the upper balconies in the temple and watched the throwing from above.  I’m glad I did.  It was really cool to watch.  We went to the 7pm showing, which we thought would be the least crowded one, but it ended up being the biggest one of the day!

So this was my view (image from internet).  I was standing on one of those terrace things (the one on the left).  It was pretty great AND I could breathe!


Here are some pictures right after.  Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of the whole group. See how awesome I look since I wasn’t caked!  :)

Festival of Colors There wasn’t any traffic on the way out either, although there was tons I guess going the other way.  And then we saw that there was a really pretty sunset so we decided to get out and take some pictures.  The road that we were parked on was semi busy though so when we were taking them by ourselves, we had to wait for a substantial gap between cars and then set our 10 second timer.  There were a lot of attempts, but the last picture here was our best jumping picture result.

Festival of Colors-001

Lastly, I finally remembered all that money I spent on an external flash and we took this picture.  Then we were almost run over and we decided it was probably time to leave, especially since the sunset was gone.



  1. oh yeaaaaaaa the external flash haha You and your friends are so fun. Next stop the Bean Museum!

  2. that is a blast! you guys are too fun.

  3. ah hahahaha, I love the picture from a distance of everything! Don't blame looks chalky...hahaha, bad for the lungs!