Sunday, May 3, 2015


Guys I finally graduated.  Only two years after the rest of my high school class.  2015-Doesn’t mean a thing.  Oh well.  The fact that I was graduating meant almost nothing to me until the week of finals.  I didn’t care because I’ll be going back to school pretty much exactly the same time as all the BYU students who aren’t graduating. 

But then during the stress of finals and graduation I had several moments of nostalgia just thinking about where I was as a person when I started college and where I’m at now. 

Here’s a picture of me my very first day at BYU.



Here is me on my graduation day.  This is the only picture I have in my possession where you can see my face. So you can notice the lack of side bangs.  Jk, you can’t see anything because of my sweet hat.


The same:
-I graduated in the major I declared when I arrived on campus.  Whoa.

-Side bangs
-Likes country music
-Wears skinny jeans (boy did that take a long time though)
-Eats onions
-Pearl earrings instead of Eiffel Tower earrings
-My name, or least what people call me.

On a short, more serious note, a lot of my reflection was based around how grateful I am that I had the chance to attend a University that was just as concerned with my character and my spirituality as my education.  I’d like to think that along with a lot of preferences changing, my character changed even more.  In those moments of reflection, I pondered how my view of the world and my understanding of so many secular knowledge had changed (I didn’t even know what an EEG was 6 years ago), but also how my testimony has grown and changed me as a person. 

So thank you, BYU, for my undergraduate (and soon to be graduate) education. 



  1. Blog posts are back! Happiest day of my life (don't tell josh haha)

  2. congrats...and...i loved your post!

  3. You ARE so deep. Not to mention far more well travelled than when you started...

  4. Congratulations. I loved your picture on the first day...that's how I remember you. You are all growed up now! :)